The Lokono Volcano: A Deeper Meaning

When looking at the Lokono website, one can draw a pretty common theme. Volcanoes.

Across most of our site and brand, you will see a lot of these.

Why you might ask? Although Nicaragua does encompass one of the most impressive volcanic chains in the Central America region, this is not the sole explanation. The symbol holds a much deeper meaning to us at Lokono.

Volcanoes are commonly associated with disaster, destruction and brutality. However, most people are quick to look past some of the positive features volcanoes commonly carry.

For example, the ash from many volcanoes helps to produce incredibly fertile soil that in turn becomes the home for beautiful vegetation and animals alike. They can support entire ecosystems of diverse species, and their emissions over many years have contributed to both the overall quality of our atmosphere and the water of our oceans too.

To tie this all back to our story, we believe that volcanoes are an excellent analogy for business. While some businesses are disastrous, destructive and willing to knock down anything and anyone who stands in their way; others are not. Other businesses can provide and improve the quality of life for those around them and serve as a beacon of hope for an entire community desperately in need of support. The latter is the type of business Lokono strives to be.

We have chosen for our social mission to be the core component of our entire operation.

In a country where youth education is now more important than ever, we have chosen to support children that do not have the necessities to receive a proper education.

We have chosen to financially assist their parents – whom are living on an average household income of $200 a month, by only purchasing our goods from local Nicaraguan artisans.

And last but certainly not least, we have chosen to benefit the environment by using 100% recycled materials in our products.

We hope that the explanation above was able to provide some insight into our story, and hope that you’ll come along for the ride at Lokono.