Do you know how your favorite apparel is made?

Abusive, low-wage sweatshops have become prevalent in Nicaragua, and that is a manufacturing method we are proud to avoid. Not all backpacks are created equal.

For years, apparel manufacturers have been taking advantage of impoverished countries like Nicaragua. By allowing imports from these countries to enter the U.S. tax free, The Central America Free Trade Agreement was meant to help these countries’ manufacturing economies. However, the result has been an increasing number of U.S. companies exploiting the cheap labor costs and utilizing what have become sweatshops.

Working excessive hours in rough conditions, the minimum wage in many of the areas under the CAFTA are less than $1.30 per hour. At those rates, workers are challenged every day to simply feed their families, let alone afford school supplies. 

Our products are fair-trade and ethically produced by a small group of women that run their own shop in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua. Operating as a cooperative, each of the women has an equal say in business decisions while all production is done in their workshop’s safe and comfortable working conditions.