Fabretto is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents in Nicaragua through the creation of meaningful learning communities. It began in 1948 when a Salesian Missionary Reverend by the name of Rafael Maria Fabretto left his hometown in Vicenza, Italy, to travel to Nicaragua. Upon his arrival in the country, he quickly became involved in the local community and wanted to do anything in his power to assist the impoverished children living in it.



Fabretto believes in the power of education to enable children and youth – the future leaders of Nicaragua – to break the cycle of poverty. They also work closely with parents and teachers to help them develop the skills and abilities they need to become the best they can be, because their active participation is essential to ensure children’s positive development.




Lokono has joined their cause through the donation of backpacks and school supplies to children who otherwise may not be able to afford them. Having donated backpacks with them before, it is rewarding to notice how the struggling parents are just as appreciative and excited as the children.