Nicaragua is one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet, and we desire to keep it that way. Our bags are made with 100% recycled materials woven on foot-pedaled looms and sewing machines.

Through the materials used and the methods of weaving, Lokono bag production avoids creating harmful waste and chemicals that destroy the beauty of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s environment is as beautiful as it is fragile, and water pollution and landfill buildup are threatening to decay parts of this delicate ecosystem. Unfortunately, environmental concerns fall closer to the bottom of the list of priorities for many Nicaraguan’s when the main concern for many families is how to scrape together their next meal. Nevertheless, small steps are being taken to raise environmental awareness and decrease pollution.


In our own support, our materials are sourced from 100% recycled clothing, these clothing articles are reduced to their core fibers before being woven. These colorful fibers are then used in a weaving process that is free from the use of any harmful dyes. The 100% recycled material is given new life and new purpose, while also avoiding becoming another heap in a landfill.

Our products are fair-trade and ethically produced by a small group of women that run their own shop in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua. Operating as a cooperative, each of the women has an equal say in business decisions while all production is done in their workshop’s safe and comfortable working conditions.