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Inspiration for your next trip

If you are in the mood for an exciting trip, you have to think about the travel themes in advance. Should it be a classic vacation in a beautiful place on this earth or would you rather travel more extravagantly or even more spartan? City trip or cruise, all inclusive or group tour – find the type of travel that suits you best with the reisereporter!

Travel themes: From beach vacations to lifestyle trips

Drinking a cocktail in a small bar while looking at the sea – of course, this works best in the context of a vacation on the beach. Many travel agencies have the right offers around the world for you – and not only if you are traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but also for families with children. For them, trips to a hotel by the sea with appropriate care for the children are ideal anyway – after all, parents have the opportunity to relax a bit. You can look forward: themes for a trip go far beyond the classic vacation on the beach. An increasingly fashionable theme is wellness, and many hotels now have saunas, swimming pools and spacious relaxation areas. For younger people, lifestyle is an important factor. Nightlife is becoming more and more excessive in most regions of the world, and you will find parties and folk festivals almost everywhere. That’s why some hotels in hot spots around the world offer insider tips or provide free tickets for public transportation or clubs and discos. For you as a world explorer, air travel, adventure travel or group travel together with your friends are certainly an option.

Discover popular destinations

Do you prefer to meet people and go on excursions instead? Then you should think about cultural trips. You can get a lot of culture in some parts of Europe. One of the most popular destinations is Germany, with its many old, historic cities. For city trips, Italy is also a good choice, where you can discover an incredible amount in Rome, for example. Immerse yourself in a vibrant metropolis with numerous sights and enjoy good food in one of the great restaurants. You can combine your trip to Rome with a shopping trip to Milan. And on the way back, you can perhaps stop off in Austria to relax and do a bit of hiking, thus combining the city break with a hiking vacation. Other travel themes can include luxury travel, cruises, camping or sports-oriented vacations.

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