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We know how to restore the love for the interior, to awaken the cooled feelings for design and housekeeping.

Like any long-term relationship, an affair with your own home has its ups and downs. Not so long ago we were ready to spend weekends at furniture showrooms, hours choosing the shade of curtains and the tone of napkins, composing Sunday dinner sets and arranging clothes by color. But today the inspiration is gone, and the house clearly suffers from a lack of love and attention.

For a long time you have been standing there, dusty bouquets of dried flowers and rotten fruit in a vase. And the saddest thing – there is no desire to do either setting, or decorating, or even cleaning. What to do if there is no inspiration? And how do you find the sources of a person’s inspiration?

What is the reason to find home decor inspiration?

Perhaps you have a hectic schedule at work, a romantic adventure or just a new hobby that will take up all your free time. In that case, a break is perfectly justified, and now is just not the time to do the house and look for sources of inspiration.

However, more often the reason is much more prosaic. After all, before you think about decor and beauty, you need to at least eliminate the clutter and clean up. Clutter is the main obstacle to the creative process.

Useful reading

It’s hard to believe, but the sources of creative inspiration can be books and Internet communities that can instill enthusiasm and the spirit of housewifery even in the most mismanaged.

A major hit is Marla Sealey’s book, “The FlyLady”. How to get your house and life in order.” If you haven’t noticed this seven-year-old bestseller, give it a read. Perhaps you’ll find a source of inspiration and get a powerful impetus to get busy at home.

If you’re already familiar with the FlyLaddy system, refresh those lines in your mind – you’re sure to get a second wind.

A whole army of FlyLaddys have already creatively reimagined Marla Sealey’s principles and are sharing their findings in online communities. Reading them is even more useful than the original source – at least they are much closer to our realities and can be great sources of inspiration.

A lesser-known, but by no means less inspiring work: Julie Morgenstern, “Organizing from the Inside Out”.

The Art of Peeking

Nothing inspires like the experiences of people we know. No interiors make as much of an impression as those we’ve seen with our own eyes. So don’t turn down invitations to houses and apartments where you’ve never been before – you can find sources of inspiration there.

If the house is new and the neighbors are just finishing repairs, be sure to ask to see – among the newcomers it is unshameful.

If nothing in the guests will not inspire you, be sure to remember: this knowledge will also come in handy, so you do not accidentally step on the same rake. Surprisingly, bad examples are sometimes even more inspiring.

Where do ideas come from?

Sometimes we think that magazines and websites about design are just pretty pictures, infinitely distant from our lives, with modest apartments and incomes.

Even if you don’t see what exactly these pictures can do for you now, continue to admire and consider. Design ideas, like all ideas, do not come from nowhere.

First our brain collects information, then it digests it, then there is a break, when we have to forget about the subject for a while, and then voila – a new brilliant idea comes to our mind, as if by itself. At least, that’s how most popular books on creativity describe the process of conceiving new ideas.

So look, keep your eyes open, and home decor inspiration will come to you sooner or later.

It is not often possible to penetrate the private property, and not everywhere you can find something interesting.

The most accessible design interiors where we can find inspiration for creativity are cafes and restaurants, so next time “eat with your eyes” the setting. It’s extremely useful to visit museum houses and manor houses with preserved interiors to educate your taste, to educate your observation.

It is not magazines, but design websites, blogs and instagrams that are in the vanguard.

The best interiors with kids, dogs, cakes and other life details are getting closer and cuter. Look for your favorites, and with them, a source of creativity.

A good source of creative inspiration is an extensive library of designs from designers. All questions can be addressed directly to the author: you can ask a question about each photo.


If you’ve been in the theme of interior design, furnishing and decorating for a long time, if you subscribe to dozens of sites and blogs, and they all seem to be exactly the same, and everything you can, has already been learned – it’s time to “change the tune.

“Too much? It happens. What to do if the home decor inspiration for creativity is gone? – Forget the interiors for a while, shift your attention to something else – sports, art, music.

Step out of the shadows

If the topic is still your favorite and you really want to move forward, get away from the computer – it’s time to go out in public. Where can you find a source of inspiration? – At lectures and seminars. What can be more inspiring than talking with like-minded people and human contact.

You don’t have to be a pro at all. Go to courses, intensives and individual design workshops, including for non-professionals. 

home decor inspiration

Complete the reality

Finally – the most interesting advice on how and where to find home decor inspiration. Download apps with augmented reality.

By downloading one of these applications, you can virtually try on to your interior 3D models of furniture, and not only from an online catalog.

On the screen of, say, a tablet you can see your room, but already with the new object. And it will look just like the real thing, and match the actual scale of your room.

So you can not only have a good time, but also decide the most important questions: whether it is not too big an armchair for the living room and whether it is appropriate here a sofa, whether the closet fits in the doorway, etc.

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