Inspiration to lose weight

Inspiration to lose weight. So the pounds fall faster!

The topic of “diet” and “losing weight” is omnipresent in the media . I myself have rather the opposite problem: to put on weight. But before you strangle me right now, first listen to why it is advantageous if you put on weight quickly, although you actually eat little. It means that your digestion works very efficiently and you don’t have to permanently eat more than your body needs. Of course, a wrong diet also plays a role, but the dose makes the poison. The people who live the longest eat low calorie diets. On the Japanese island of Okinawa, small portions are one of the reasons why there are so many centenarians.

A few years ago, I once spent two whole months in Hong Kong. I lived with a host family there. I noticed how small their evening “portions” were. I have never seen such small rice bowls (from which they ate). The Asians are mostly very slim. I hardly discovered any overweight people there.

Here’s a tip: Don’t just eat from small plates, use chopsticks. It is hard to overeat with chopsticks. People who eat with chopsticks chew longer and are full faster. Forks and spoons tempt people to gobble and shorten the duration of the meal.

From my experience, I know that in addition to a calorie-restricted diet, a raw food diet is the most effective way to lose weight quickly and healthily. Maybe without my raw food diet and at 35 I would already look very different. I don’t even know anymore how it feels to eat sandwiches and rolls in the morning. Between you and me, I don’t think I’m missing out on anything either. Especially fruits, salads, green smoothies and vegetable juices on an empty stomach accelerate weight loss.

Inspiration to lose weight

Healthy and slim thanks to fruits and vegetables

Because fruits and vegetables have such a strong “cleansing power”, you lose weight even in the most unruly places: Belly fat, riding pants or fat on the butt (not everyone wants a Kim Kardashian box). On top of that, you also look healthy. Unfortunately, the cigarette/coffee diet can’t compete with that. Glowing skin and sparkling eyes, are nice side effects of a raw food rich lifestyle. Eat at least 70% raw fruits and vegetables/leafy greens a day. Morning is the most ideal time for a smoothie or green juices. Eat only water-containing fruits, vegetables/leafy greens at least until noon. Even if you only last until noon, it can already show up on your scale.

However, before you start transforming your kitchen into a fruit paradise, listen to a little warning: You may experience possible detox symptoms. You may feel dizzy or get a headache. This is the eye of the needle many people have to go through when they start consuming water-containing fruits, vegetables and leafy greens on an empty stomach. Welcome these cleansing symptoms and look forward to a slimmer bikini figure. Always wait about an hour or two for the fruit, smoothies or juices to pass your stomach. You should never mix raw fruits with cooked or processed food. This can lead to fermentation. You can actually combine green leafy vegetables with anything. These will provide a better acid/alkaline balance. Fact: The higher the consumption of water-containing fruits/vegetables on an empty stomach, the more and faster you will lose weight.

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