Morning inspiration

Morning rituals for productivity and inspiration

Toward the end of the week it becomes more and more difficult to get up in the morning and, as a consequence, productivity drops. We’ve put together a few morning rituals to stay awake and efficient all day and also help you catch inspiration.

Wake up to natural light

Scientists say you need to get up following the sun for a sound sleep and easy awakening. So keep your windows open and move your bed closer to the window.

Morning inspiration

Don’t reset the alarm clock.

Upon awakening, dopamine, a sleep-inhibiting hormone, is produced; during sleep, serotonin, a pleasure hormone, is produced. But if you reset your alarm trying to sleep some more, the hormones are produced at the same time, and you end up with a chance of starting your day disoriented and lethargic.

Take a contrasting shower.

Even the samurai used to douse themselves with cold water in the morning to wake up. Now we can replace this procedure with a contrast shower, which helps strengthen the immune system and fight stress.

Make a big deal out of it

So that you don’t have to think about an unpleasant task all day, do it right in the morning. And if it is difficult to get into a working rhythm, allocate one thing that must be done today. When you finish it, your mood will lift and you’ll have even more energy.

Build a base of ideas

In the morning, interesting thoughts often come to us. To make sure they don’t get lost, write down all the ideas that come into your head, and then systematize them. You can divide them into ideas for new projects, ideas for improving work or household processes. When you find yourself looking for inspiration, look for a suitable solution in your database of ready-made ideas.

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